Slablifters has the best guarantee in the industry

SLABLIFTERS guarantee's its work for two years.  The guarantee is given in writing on every estimate form and lists specifically what is covered and what we will do to remedy the concern.  Other companies say they guarantee their work but don't give it to you in writing!  Some companies say their guarantee is better because it's for ten years.  This sounds great until you read it and find out the material pumped underneath is guaranteed not to shrink for ten years.  Why would it matter if the material has or has not shrunk if your concrete has sunk!  SLABLIFTERS guarantee's that your concrete will not sink one quarter of an inch or we will come back and fix it for free!

From our Estimate Form:

Limited Guarantee:  On concrete over 10 years old, SLABLIFTERS INC. will come back once, if necessary, to repump the areas slablifted if they resettle more than 1/4" for a period of 2 years.  This guarantee does not include patches applied to or placed on the slabs.  This guarantee is void if the customer does not seal all cracks and joints on the slab or maintain backfill along the slab involved.  This guarantee is void if resettling occurs as a result of flooding or other acts of God.


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